Location Plants
Location Plants
In order to ease the procedure of issuing Location Plants, Nordeste Municipality has an online tool associated with the Geo-portal, which allows the citizen to obtain the necessary plants, in an intuitive way, linked to an instruction process of the requests and the accomplishment of urban or other operations.

The following is a brief description of the procedure to be followed for the dossier issuing related with an instruction process.
Direct access to cartographic context for Location Plants issuing
By clicking on "Plantas de Localização", the cartographic context associated with the process of issuing a Plant, will be displayed.
You can see in the main toolbar the possibility for printing Location Plants.
This tool is linked with a fill-in form with a sequence of fields, which allow the correct identification, location and typology of a Plant.

Form fields:
Group - Choose the custom group ("Obras Particulares", "Obras Públicas" or "Outros");
Type - Specify Type associated with the previously selected group;
Personal Information - Applicant, Tax Identification Number (TIN), Parish, Street, House Number, Zip Code.

You can go to the interest zone for printing in two different ways:
By the interactive Zoom In tool for the zone of interest, or alternatively by activating the Quick Search tool (to do this, you must select the tool in the Tools => Manage Tools => Address Search Tab

For this example, the Address Search tool will be used to demonstrate the process linked to the issiung of a Plant.
The address 'Rua da Lomba, 45 9630-194 Nordeste' was chosen and the 'Zoom To'  allows to go directly to the interest zone.
In this sense, merely as an example, the form fields were filled to the Location Plant.
You will see a message that the printing is in progress, then you can download the whole process corresponding to the Location Plant in PDF format.
Note: The tool is present in the main toolset (tools tab), regardless of the cartographic context in the geo-portal.